Dr Robert Epstein: There Is No More Democracy


We constantly hear about the American right stealing democracy or Putin controlling the U.S. election process. The reality is actually right under America's nose, close to home. It's Google.

Dr Robert Epstein is a research psychologist investigating Google and other search engines. He's been looking at how they use their algorithms to influence people's search patterns and, in so doing, influence election outcomes. He has compiled data from several thousand people on their computers to monitor how they use search engines.

As Epstein states,

"Since 2012, some of my research and writings have focused on Google L.L.C., specifically on the company's power to suppress content – the censorship problem, if you will – as well as on the massive surveillance the company conducts, and also on the company's unprecedented ability to manipulate the thoughts and behavior of more than 2.5 billion people worldwide."

While Epstein is obviously an intelligent man, you may be shocked to hear that he supported Joe Biden in the last election. So he's a staunch, lifelong Democrat., but acknowledges that Biden is a terrible President. His interviews also show that while he may be very liberal politically, he believes that elections should be run fair and square without undue mind control and manipulation. Instead, Epstein has identified S.E.M.E. (Search Engine Manipulation Effect). This is very real and crosses international borders.

Do you think elections are fair? Not in today's world. Four billion people globally use Google regularly, increasing each year. Google is a left-wing company. You have 90% of mainstream media biased tremendously towards left-wing causes. Then Google influences how people search online, so it's hard to see that elections can ever be fair again.

Can Google be doing even more wicked things? Obviously, someone like Epstein is a thorn in Google's side. Robert Epstein lost his young wife in 2019 when she was killed in a motor vehicle accident. He suspects that it wasn't just "an accident". Whether true or not, the fact that one company can have so much power is troubling, to say the least.

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